Prana Yoga Rochester

Prana Yoga in Partnership
with YogaWorks Teacher Training

Led by Kristen Engles. Assisted by Carrie Herscovici

Learn to Teach. Teach to Learn.


February 2016 through June 2016

Yoga Philosophy

Over 2,000 years ago the sage Patanjali described the process of Yogic movement toward higher consciousness and peace in his treatise "The Yoga Sutras." His teachings are a living, practical model that, once understood, can be applied to all aspects of daily life. This course will introduce students to the wealth of inspiration available in the Yoga Sutras.

About YogaWorks

Since 1990, YogaWorks has trained thousands of teachers world-wide, including some of the most celebrated modern-day yogis including Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Ana Forrest, Baron Baptiste, Vinnie Marino, Saul David Raye, Natasha Rizopoulos, etc. The 200-hour YogaWorks teacher training is a foundational teacher training for serious students and aspiring teachers of yoga. The YogaWorks comprehensive program is credited by many as laying the foundation for yoga in the U.S. The training blends yoga traditions from East and West, integrating both into a practical and unique method that combines Vinyasa flow with an emphasis on alignment and skillful sequencing. This method forms the container into which each aspiring teacher can pour their unique voice and personality. YogaWorks Teacher Training is registered with Yoga Alliance at the 200 and 500 hour levels.

YogaWorks was founded in 1988 by the now world-renowned Ashtanga yoga teachers Maty Ezraty and Chuck Miller. They were the first yogis to create a school that brought the many different styles of yoga together in one place. Today YogaWorks has become a thriving yoga resource and community of teachers and students, as well as one of the most comprehensive and most respected teacher training programs in the world.

Why YogaWorks Teacher Training?

Experience. Time tested training curriculum refined over 25 years.

Intelligent Sequencing. Learn the art and science of designing a dynamic yoga class.

Learn to truly teach, not just recite. Serve your students by instructing their bodies into alignment.

Platform for developing your own style. Find your unique voice as a teacher.

A renowned global network. The YogaWorks Teacher Training program is respected worldwide.

Students who complete the 200-hour teacher training program will:

- Deepen their practice and understanding of yoga
- Learn how to design and structure a dynamic yoga class/not just recite
- Build relationships with experienced, skilled yoga teachers
- Gain the confidence and knowledge necessary to teach
- Be qualified to register with Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level

YogaWorks Curriculum

The curriculum will include a comprehensive study of the foundations, techniques, and mechanics of fundamental yoga postures with an emphasis on deepening the student's personal practice and recognizing and honoring it as the source for inspiration and creative teaching.

Topics include:

- Intensive Asana Study
- Anatomy
- Philosophy
- Breathing exercises
- Subtle Body & Ayurveda
- Pre-Natal Yoga

Theory and Practice of Teaching

The art of teaching is a form of yoga in itself, requiring sensitivity, compassion and practice. A teacher must encourage and inspire, being sensitive to the needs of individuals as well as a group. The practical and subtle aspects involved in teaching, to be addressed in this course, include:

- How to be an effective teacher
- Use of voice, body language and touch
- The art and science of sequencing
- Learning to see and understand bodies
- The purpose and use of props
- Hands-on adjustments and assists
- Practice instruction


Dates:February 26, 2016 through June 26, 2016
Times:Fridays 4-9pm, Saturdays 11am-7pm, Sundays 8am-5pm
Location: Prana Yoga / 55 S. Main St. Fairport, NY 14450
Trainer: Kristen Engles
Assistant Trainer: Carrie Herscovici-Costello
Tuition: $3,200 if paid in full by Sept. 18, 2015; $3,400 if paid before Nov. 7, 2015; $3,500 after Nov. 7

*Teachers with 200+ hours of previous training qualify for 50% off the price of tuition. *