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Carrie Meet our "Kula" of trainers!

WHY YOGAWORKS? As a studio owner and yoga teacher, the quality of each teacher training program is essential. Your training has a direct correlation to the caliber of teacher that you will become.

Prana Yoga is honored to bring the expertise of YogaWorks Teacher Training here to Fairport. YogaWorks offers one of the most comprehensive teacher training programs in the world for aspiring teachers and serious students of yoga. Their cohesive, multi-specialist approach to teacher training blends the best of Eastern and Western yoga traditions.

At both YogaWorks and Prana, the mission is to provide aspiring teachers with the foundation to teach skillfully. To find your own voice as a teacher, not just recite. To truly connect with your teaching and the students. To teach with compassion, integrity and safety, while honoring his/her unique voice.

Whether you are planning a career change, or simply want to deepen your personal yoga practice, the YogaWorks Teacher Training Program is, by far, the best way to take your yoga practice to the next level. Give yourself a gift that will transform your life, and that you will never forget.

Love & Light, Carrie

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