Prana Yoga Rochester


Let's start with the physical. Carrie's unique blend of isometric holds, full-body movements and one-limb balances challenge me every time I walk into her class. They provide the perfect complement to any fitness regimen - be it weight training, martial arts, or endurance training. Even on its own, her class is a great centerpiece to any lifelong plan to burn fat, build strength, and hold back the hands of time.

If her classes simply challenged my body, they would be well worth the time and the investment. But that's just the gateway to the good stuff. The work I have done in her class over the last two and a half years has inspired me to really further examine my life and my way of being. Self-examination through deep breathing and meditation can be scary things - it's just you facing you, with nowhere to hide. But Carrie's style - soothing and nurturing, yet tough and disciplined - makes me feel that whatever I come across while breathing deep into every synapse and muscle in my body, holding a static pose... whatever comes up, it's okay. She provides a safe haven to push myself to my limit - she calls it "surfing the edge" - where whatever happens, happens. And no matter what happens, she urges us to look at it with a sense of accomplishment and acceptance.

I leave her workouts feeling like a freshly wrung sponge - stiffness is relaxed, tension dissipated, fleeting frustrations chased away. I have never walked out of her class feeling worse for having attended it. And in most cases, I feel more prepared to tackle whatever life wants to throw at me, feeling anything is possible. What may have seemed miles out of my reach, all of a sudden, doesn't seem so impossible. I know, without her guidance, I would have never even though of pursuing my Yoga Teacher Certification, or had the strength to engage in silent 10-day meditations, or the confidence to leave my job and go back to school and begin pursuing the life I want.

Get the body movin', and the mind and spirit soon follow. I've heard that saying a thousand times, but for a long time, I never really understood what it meant. Carrie's teachings hit all facets of my being. It's soul food.

Mehul Parekh
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)
Carrie and John,
I just wanted to take a moment to send my light and love to each of you as you open your new yoga studio! I am so proud to have known the two of you over the years and have truly admired your commitment, not only to your practice and teaching, but also to each other. I am forever inspired by two people who never put themselves first and constantly fight for the greater good. I will be in to visit your studio as soon as I can when I am visiting home but please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and I wish you all of the success in the world--because no two people deserve it more! Here is to following dreams and following our hearts. Your classes inspired me to do so and knowing that you practice what you preach is a true gift to have been blessed with. All my love,
Shannon M.
Carrie's class allows for an opportunity to step on the mat and into a mini universe that surrounds me with an energy that is non-judgmental and is full of encouragement, love and compassion, peace and mindfulness. It is a place where I can surf my edge, fall and get back up and know that I am ok. In her classes I've learned how to be gentle and loving with myself--on and off the mat--which are the greatest gifts that yoga has given me.

Carrie has touched my life not only because I consider her a great teacher but because she is an authentic person with a generous spirit. She gives love and compassion--on and off the mat--endlessly. She is passionate about spreading the message of peace, awareness and unity. Yoga means to unite and that is exactly what Carrie does--she gathers together people of different ages, backgrounds, professions to practice and celebrate love, abundance and peace for all. I am honored to be her student and friend.
Erin K.
Carrie's touch, oil, and words are what gave me an immediate connection with the practice. Carrie seems to intuitively find where extra help and healing is needed. Her practice gave me the strength and light I needed to restore my heart and mind.
Lindsey B
The first yoga class I tried happened to be with Carrie. I was immediately hooked and have been going to my mat ever since. Carrie is an outstanding teacher in the way that she integrates physically challenging poses with the instruction, support and warmth that you need for a spiritually renewing class.
I just started a "beginner" yoga class about 6 weeks ago with Carrie, and I absolutely love it! I look forward to Thursdays when she will help me get centered for the day and learn something new, every time. How refreshing it is to go to a class as a beginner and feel welcome - she absolutely has a gift to teach, and certainly knows her yoga. I love how yoga has become so important to me! Sometimes we Moms can loose sight of what is important to us and I get to reconnect with myself and, in turn, do good for my family and others I come in contact with throughout the day. Thank you Carrie!
Anisa K
Carrie has been my yoga instructor for three years. Although I had taken yoga before, Carrie was very helpful in working on my basics and teaching more than I had ever learned in any other class. I started yoga to stretch and move to help osteoarthritis and to work on balance and strength for my bone health. Carrie's yoga class is much more than just strengthening and stretching my body. When I step onto the mat I have learned to nurture not only my physical well being, but more importantly my spiritual well being. After class, I always stand taller, feel more energetic, and have serenity about me. As I am entering my 60's, yoga is keeping my young and active. I love Carrie's yoga classes and yoga friends!
Susan K
When I first ventured into practicing yoga, some 10 years ago, I didn't know much about it. I figured if I liked it, it would just be a nice athletic alternative to running or walking. Then I met Carrie. It turns out that yoga is so much more, and it has become a part of my life that I wouldn't trade for anything.

Being a yogi starts with the basics of the practice: learning the poses, trying to calm your mind, and mastering your breath. While anyone can learn these premises, it is not only more enjoyable with the right teacher; it makes the practice so much more than a physical experience. Carrie has taught me so much more than I ever thought possible. I have learned to calm the craziness in my mind after a long day at work through being aware of my being and breath. I have learned that my body will support me through more than I thought possible. I have learned that all I need in life is to just be.

I can't thank Carrie enough for being my yogi mentor. It is because of her kindness and compassion that I leave her practice with a smile on my lips and sunshine in my heart. For that I am truly always grateful. Namaste.
Shelly B
Just wanted to let you know I voted you "Best Yoga Instructor" in the "City Newspaper Best Of" on-line poll. You're fabulous and I hope to be back soon.
I am fifty years young and had never experienced yoga until I joined the Eastside YMCA a few years ago. I took a few beginner classes to learn the basic poses and then I attended Carrie's class. I remember distinctly how each posture we assumed allowed me to relish in the discomfort I felt. I felt gratitude that my body could feel both powerful and meek at the very same moment. I was living in the moment for the first time in my life ~ pain and joy at the same instant. I was empowered and felt beautiful.
Carrie has transformed my life and I owe her so much. Her classes are difficult yet inspirational. The timbre of her melodious voice, as she moves us from pose to pose relaxes and inspires me. During our practice, Carrie shares poignant and life-changing stories and analogies. My ears are piqued, waiting for the next mind-blowing truth she will reveal to me… The words she speaks to us as we practice, are poignant and life-changing. The music Carrie plays during our practice is upbeat and infectious. And when we finally come to shivasina (final resting), Carrie gives me a temple rub and I am literally transformed. All is well with the world. I can go out and make a difference in the lives I touch.
Yoga has changed my life for the better and Carrie is the reason why. Thank you, Carrie, for ALL you have done to make my life better. May God richly bless you!
Rena M
Carrie, you are inspirational in your practice as teacher and student on and off the mat! Your compassion reaches from the miraculous lives you touch directly to those that you encourage your students to send love and light to around the world. What I love about practicing with you as my teacher, is that I can count on recieving a challenging practice that inevitably humbles me physically, intellectually and spiritualy. It is through practicing with you, that I recognize the full potentiality of myself in the universe and how to take the lessons that I journey through on the mat out into the world. When I think of you, I smile because of how many times you have encouraged me to grow in my practice through your playful spirit. I am so excited for what you are creating for our community and I wish you and Johnny love, light and gratitiude as you take this beautiful leap of faith.
Deb L
Thank you for being an escape for both my body and mind! I feel like I can take on the world after last night's class with Karol. Thank you!
Lena T.
Carrie and John, How blessed I was when I walked into Carrie’s yoga class at the JCC. Not only did I strengthen my body but I gained a true appreciation for the meditation side of yoga. I learned the value of setting an intention and loved ending my practice with gratitude and sending “love and light” to those in need.
When I met John, I knew that a great partnership and companionship was forming. John shared his love for yoga with Carrie. Together they worked together on many fundraisers to help others.
You both have made Prana a place for me as well as many others to enjoy the yoga practice, strengthening not only our bodies, but our souls as well. It is a sanctuary from the fast pace of life. You help me stay young, healthy and happy.
Susan K.