Prana Yoga Rochester

Meet the Owners

Carrie & John Carrie Herscovici/Costello has been practicing yoga for nearly two decades and dedicates herself to intense, independent practice, research and study. Carrie first fell in love with yoga in LA where she attended a power Vinyasa class held by Bryan Kest. Carrie knew right away the power of yoga and the internal work and healing yoga could provide with a regular practice and dedication. It was this understanding that led Carrie to travel to India to work with Dr. Senthil Kumar in an ayurvedic hospital. During this time of extensive study, learning about this natural healing system, which emphasizes prevention of imbalance, Carrie began to deepen her practice and to explore its power to shape all aspects of her life. It was only when she completed a 362-hour training in India that Carrie realized the journey had just truly started.

Carrie has practiced and studied various styles of yoga under such teachers as Manju Pattabhi Jois, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Yogeswari, Seane Corn, Natasha Rizopoulos, Dr. Senthil Kumar, Bryan Kest, Steve Ross, Vinnie Marino, Matthew Reyes and Baron Baptiste.

In 2014 Carrie assisted in Prana's first Teacher Training Program lead by Jenny Aurthur and Julie Marx. Carrie completed her 200 hours with Yogaworks - Prana has partnered with YogaWorks and is honored to be able to offer this program to the Rochester community.

In 2012 Carrie completed her 300-hour Jivamukti Yoga certification. Carrie recently traveled to Costa Rica for a month long intense teacher training program. Carrie is humbled and grateful for all who have helped her on this journey including Sharon Gannon, David Life, Yogeswari Azahar, Jeffrey Cohen (Ramaji), Jules Febre, Rita Ishtar Ribot, Paloma Baker and Rafael Cervantes.

In 2009, Carrie had the honor of being invited to participate in the Seane Corn Leadership Program, Off the Mat, Into the World Advanced Leadership Training. She attended the annual 4-day leadership training focusing on leadership and collaboration. She also attended a 5-day leadership training on activism, trauma, and vision.

In 2008 Carrie completed a Level 1 teacher Training with Baron Baptiste and continues to explore the philosophical and spiritual aspects of yoga.

Carrie has more than 1,000 training hours and continues to attend training programs and workshops regularly. Carrie believes yoga is a continual exploration and investigation of oneself and a lifetime journey both as a teacher and student.

Anyone who has practiced with Carrie appreciates and enjoys the soothing yet challenging dynamic of the class... a true oasis in your busy day! Carrie guides her students to live and be the yoga each day, on and off the mat, fostering courage, commitment and integrity.

There are eight limbs of yoga, of which the Asana (or physical practice) is only one small aspect; it is Carrie's hope to share all that yoga has to offer at Prana Yoga. For Carrie, yoga is a way of life. Carrie's primary objective is to help students come to know that yoga will organically heal and guide them each and every day.

Carrie enables students to be at ease where they are in the moment, to empower them and help them enjoy the journey. Carrie loves to play with sequencing in order to take her students into a deeper understanding of a pose and keep her students in the moment. In yoga, if you begin by focusing on your breath and the Asana, you will eventually go beyond your mental and physical limitations and reach a place of true tranquility. She believes that focusing on alignment is not just safe, but provides "points of dharana" or gateways to inner stillness and meditation. Carrie teaches all levels of Asana classes, mentors young teachers and leads workshops. Carrie has a playful spirit and encourages a balance between working hard, and a light, joyful exploration into one's own practice, into the awareness of one's true spirit.

Carrie & JohnCarrie was one of the twenty-one women who reached the goal of raising $20,000 allowing her to travel with Seane Corn to Uganda as part of a life changing Bare Witness Tour in 2010. Carrie believes that being of service is an honor and our duty as human beings. Carrie is also honored to have been a part of something that continues to support Uganda through ongoing projects and initiatives. "Planting a seed of goodness is one of the most important things that we can do," Carrie says.

Carrie is dedicated to help organizations, around the world and at home, to improve and educate our children and create a better world for future generations.

*Carrie is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance

Johnny Costello was drawn to yoga as a way to ease his mind, develop self-awareness and to support his life of giving in his community. Johnny completed the Baron Baptiste Level 1 training to grow his personal yoga practice, but ultimately, to him, creating Prana Yoga was about providing others with an opportunity to give back. Johnny is active in the local fundraising community and supports Oasis Adaptive Sports, a non-profit organization offering instruction, equipment and support to disabled military veterans in a variety of sports activities.

Additionally, Johnny is the founder of Christopher's Challenge, a charitable fund established to pay for the typing of samples for individuals willing to become potential donors through the National Marrow Donor Program, as well as other costs associated with bone marrow transplants.

Carrie and Johnny met on their mats, but were connected through their common goals; living purely with integrity, contributing to community, and striving for peace both in relationship and on the earth. They believe in the global connection and creating a shift in consciousness and diminishing crisis in their local community and globally.

This connection led to the birth of Prana Yoga. Founded in 2010, Prana Yoga was created to help Rochester Yogis tap into their authentic selves. Prana is Sanskrit for "vital life," and this vitality stems from living each moment in the breath. Carrie and Johnny know that those who come to Prana Yoga will find a safe environment which supports a practice that leads to awareness in both the body and in one's community.