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We must be the change we wish to see in the world - Gandhi

Asha Challenge

Asha Challenge

Yoga Shines For Change

Help Us Make A Local
and Global Difference.

Help Us Make A Local and Global Difference.

In Sanskrit the word Asha means hope. Fundraising is all about creating hope.

The Asha Challenge is about shining our light while creating hope for children in our community and across the globe. The Asha Challenge is about Change, Empowerment, and Transformation. These are the goals that we are striving for at Prana Yoga. By donating to our Asha Challenge, together we can help build supportive communities, inspire positivity and nurture the physical, mental and emotional well-being of children and families throughout our own city as well as across the world. Your donations will help to change, empower and transform the lives of many.

This year Prana Yoga is making a difference through fundraising for a phenomenal organization. We realize the importance of the global community. Alongside fellow members of the global yoga community, your gracious donations through Prana Yoga, will help to support the Africa Yoga Project, an organization whose primary goals are to reach out to the people of East Africa by sharing their knowledge in the teaching and practice of yoga. Volunteers for Africa Yoga Project spend their time training teens of East Africa in the practice of yoga. These teens then take the practice out into the community of the slums in order for others to benefit. The belief of AYP is that by spreading the power of yoga to these communities, specifically to the children, the people of East Africa will learn of self-love and find "Asha" or "Hope" within their desolate lives.

Any contribution can and will make a difference. If not now, when? Do the thing and the mind will follow, so will the heart. Lead with your heart.

Thank you for your consideration, interest and support.